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What kind of medical forms are REQUIRED for my camper to participate?



All campers will be required to have insurance to participate. Additionally, all campers must have a physician's consent form or active physical dated within one year and one day of the final date in which the camper is participating in camp (i.e., camp ending on June 14, 2023 must be dated June 14, 2022 or after). Any camper who does not have these forms will not be able to participate. Also, the state requires camps to notify parents/guardians of concussions awareness information. Please be sure to review the information regarding concussions:

Athletic trainers will be available throughout the duration of camp in the event of injuries.

Click here to download the Physician's Consent Form.pdf

What is the Youth Activity Safety Policy?

This document was created by the University to provide a safe, educational and enjoyable experience for all participants.  The document can be downloaded here: Youth Safety Policy

Am I allowed to watch my camper participate?

Parents and other spectators are welcome to observe the camp. In order to create a safe environment for our campers, camp staff, parents and other spectators, all parents and spectators should follow the instructions of camp personnel and remain in the designated public areas. Parents, spectators and children risk being struck by a ball or possibly being run into by a camper or service vehicle. Please use caution while observing camp activities. Animals are not permitted at camp facilities. Parents should closely supervise any children who accompany them to watch camp activities. All parents, spectators and children should refrain from using, moving or otherwise handling any sports equipment that is located at a camp facility. 

What do I do if my camper needs to bring medication to camp?

If a camper would like to bring any medication (whether the medication was dispensed to the camper based on a prescription or was purchased over-the-counter) to our camp, then the camper’s parent or legal guardian must:

(1) notify us of the type of medication(s) and whether it requires refrigeration or other special storage; and

(2) Request approval to bring the medication(s) to camp.

(3) Make a note of the medication in the appropriate section when filling out the online registration form.

To adequately assess requests to bring medication to our camp, contact us at least 21 days prior to the start of the camp. Campers may only bring medication(s) to camp that have been approved in writing by our camp director.

If the medication is intended to treat a potentially life-threatening condition, then a camper will be permitted to carry necessary items (e.g., an EPI-pen, an inhaler for asthma) during camp provided that the camper has received the advance written approval of the camp director and athletic trainer discussed in the preceding paragraph.​

How is parking arranged during camp?

Parents wishing to stay and watch their children must pay for parking. Any questions regarding parking can be directed to Parking Services at 402-472-1800.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds must be requested prior to the start of camp. The non-refundable deposit will not be returned unless with a written note from a doctor/physician.  Any requests can be submitted to the Fred Hoiberg Basketball Camps at .

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